MedViz Image Contest

MedViz repeats the success from 2015 by arranging an image contest MedViz-Image-contest-2016

Winners from 2015:

2015 Winner_Paolo_Angelelli_US_Vintricular_Septal_Defect

Paolo Angelelli: Ultrasound Ventricular Septal Defect. The Picture depicts the vortex formation and shunt flow in a newborn baby With a Ventricular Septal defect, which is a hole in between the two ventricles.


2015 Winner_Irene_Heggstad _ Amaryllis Charisma

Irene Heggstad: Amaryllis Charisma. The image is a collage of photography and micrography, plant and pollen, grains in the size of 20 ╬╝m is taken through a scanning electron microscope at UiB.

2015 Winners_Stoppel & Hodneland _ Breath induces movement speed of the kidney over time

Sergej Stoppel and Erlend Hodneland: Breath induces movement speed of the kidney over time. In this image, one can see the velocity of the kidney movement induced through breathing. And we can clearly see that medulla moves with a different speed than the rest of the kidney. We used a rainbow colour map with red being low velocity and blue high velocity.