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2015 Winner_Paolo_Angelelli_US_Vintricular_Septal_Defect

Joint MedViz and VCF Christmas Seminar 11.12.2015

 Eivind Hansen: Christmas greetings from Haukeland University Hospital   Paolo Angelelli: Improving the visualization of cardiac ultrasound Abstract In 2013 the GE Vingmed Ultrasound started a BIA project together with three other partners including...

Bjarte Aasmul opened the MedViz Conference with  "Anthem of Bergen"

Successful MedViz Conference at Bikuben in June

The 9th MedViz conference in Medical Imaging and Visualization, organized in close cooperation with The Molecular Imaging Centre (MIC) at Department of Biomedicine, UiB and Department of Radiology/PET-Centre at Haukeland University Hospital, gathered 159...

Judit Haasz

MedViz Seminar Friday 24.04 in the MedViz Incubator

Neuroimaging in cognitive aging – a report on findings, challenges and perspectives Judit Haász Subtitle: Medical and biological issues – present findings Arvid Lundervold Subtitle: Methodological challenges and perspectives  ABSTRACTS:  Haász The population ​in​...