MedViz – a Research & Development cluster in Bergen. MedViz is a cluster of groups performing interdisciplinary research in advanced image analysis and visualisation bridging the gap between “bench and bedside”. MedViz also includes imaging physics and fundamental biomedical translational research. Our mission is to promote the development of biomedical and clinical imaging technologies with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis and treatment of patients. MedViz wants to develop new clinical methods for potential commercialisation by means of denovo software for analysis, decision support and visual communication.
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Link to the latest publication

The publication of the month !

This publication should primarily origin from work in the MedViz network and is made available in PDF for downloading at Secondarily, if not an original paper from the MedViz cluster is ready, another paper that deals with relevant issues in visualisation/medical imaging can be used as publication of the month.

The publication of the month is intended as a relay race where the researcher that suggest the present publication, challenges a researcher in the network to provide the next publication of the month


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