MedViz – a Research & Development cluster in Bergen. MedViz is a cluster of groups performing interdisciplinary research in advanced image analysis and visualisation bridging the gap between “bench and bedside”. MedViz also includes imaging physics and fundamental biomedical translational research. Our mission is to promote the development of biomedical and clinical imaging technologies with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis and treatment of patients. MedViz wants to develop new clinical methods for potential commercialisation by means of denovo software for analysis, decision support and visual communication.
MedIm - Bridging Nordic Imaging

MedIm - Bridging Nordic Imaging

MedIm is happy to offer 10 travel- and hotel accommodation grants to PhD candidates in the MedIm network, who wishes to take part in the Bridging Nordic Imaging conference in Turku, Finland on 13-14 August 2015. This support will be given on a first-come basis, among those registered for the conference. The 'Bridging Nordic Imaging – network' is supported through a Nordforsk grant, to promote collaboration in imaging research between Nordic Countries.
Applications for travel grant can be submitted through MedIm's standard application form. Please note that these grants are only available for PhD candidates who are formally affiliated with a Norwegian institution. Conference registration is done at the Bridging Nordic Imaging website.
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MedViz seminar 20.03.2015

MedViz Seminar Friday 20.03.2015

PLACE: MedViz Facilities., Møllendalsbakken 7, 5th floor
TIME   : 12:00-13:30
Stefan Bruckner
Title: The IllustraSound Tricorder - Challenges and Perspectives
Sergej Stoppel
Title: "View-Aligned Dynamic Small-Multiples for the Visualization of Multivariate Data in Spatial Context"
Veronika H. Šoltészová
Title: Visibility-Driven Processing of Streamed Volume Data
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MedViz seminar 20.02.2015

MedViz Seminar 20.02.2015

PLACE: MedViz Facilities., Møllendalsbakken 7, 5th floor
TIME   : 12:00-13:30
Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen
Professor Emmet Mc Cormack
Postdoctor Spiros Kotopoulis
Seminar title: Sonoporation: From the lab to human clinical trials
Sonoporation, the use of ultrasound and stable gas microbubbles in the size range of 2–10 μm to form
transient pores in cell membranes, has  been of great interest as a therapeutic modality for the past decade.
This technique could be used to improve the delivery of current drugs in very localised regions. Within
MedViz, a translational team has been developing sonoporation for use against pancreatic cancer, a cancer
with particular low survival and where limited advances in new therapy have been experienced. Through ex
vivo and preclinical models the sonoporation technique we have demostrated that it can be used safely in
patients with local advanced pancreatic cancer. A companion biomarker has been developed for monitoring
the sonoporation-specific cell stress, and may be a method for monitoring effect and toxicity in future clinical
trials.  We will present our results so far and discuss plans for further pre-clinial and clinical development of
therapeutic sonoporation.
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