MedViz Report - ISSN 1891-179X

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Image registration by matrix group transformations Antonella Zanna 2008
2 How reliable is B-mode imaging in FL characterization Odd Helge Gilja 2008
3 Benign Liver Lesions: CEUS Odd Helge Gilja 2008
4 3D Ultrasound of the GI Tract Odd Helge Gilja 2008
Report on image registration using ITK and ITK based tools for the MedViz group at the University of Bergen
Sebastian Bablok 2009
6 EUS Elastography of submucosal lesions in the upper GI tract Roald Flesland Havre 2008

An Automated DCE-MRI Kidney Segmentation Technique Using Localized Active Contours and Independent Component Analysis

Åsmund Kjørstad 2010
8 Developing a software tool for use in clinical practice for modeling and segmentation of the intestine. Marcin Sikora 2010
9 Assessing Differences in Resting State Functional Brain Connectivity with
Complex Network Analysis
Tessa Welte


10 Analyse de le connectivité fonctionnelle du cerveau par la théorie des graphes Clément de Ribet 2011