Joint MedViz and VCF Christmas Seminar 11.12.2015


 Eivind Hansen: Christmas greetings from Haukeland University Hospital


Paolo Angelelli: Improving the visualization of cardiac ultrasoundPaolo Angelelli


In 2013 the GE Vingmed Ultrasound started a BIA project together with three other partners including the Bergen VisGroup, to create the next generation GE platform for cardiac ultrasound.  This project, which is still ongoing, has an explicit focus on delivering improved image quality and visualizations, and has led to Vingmed latest product, the successful Vivid E95 scanner. The Bergen VisGroup contributed to different technologies already present in the Vivid E95 or soon to be integrated.  The aim of the talk is to give an overview of the visual computing research that has been carried out in Bergen in the context of this project.


Daniel Hammenfors & Preben G. Nes: Automated digital analysis of major salivary gland ultrasound images

Daniel_Hammenfors Preben G. Nes
We will present our project in which we use the windowed scattering transform and multi scale wavelet transform to classify ultrasonographic images of salivary glands of patients with Sjögrens syndrome.

Ragnar Nortvedt: MedViz Surprise


Program Manager, MedViz, Haukeland University Hospital Prof. II at Dept. of Biology, University of Bergen, Norway

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