Successful MedViz Conference at Bikuben in June

The 9th MedViz conference in Medical Imaging and Visualization, organized in close cooperation with The Molecular Imaging Centre (MIC) at Department of Biomedicine, UiB and Department of Radiology/PET-Centre at Haukeland University Hospital, gathered 159 participants in the new Bikuben Course and Conference facilities at HUH campus. This year’s MedViz Conference had a particular focus on innovation in imaging and visualization.

Bjarte Aasmul opened the MedViz Conference with "Anthem of Bergen"

Bjarte Aasmul opened the MedViz Conference with “Anthem of Bergen”

In retrospective, we are therefore very enthusiastic about the industry participation and exhibition of the following eight industry partners this year: Bruker Baltic OÜ, GE Healthcare, Inter-Medical AS, NordicNeuroLab AS, Phillips Healthcare, Siemens, VisualSonics and Wiik Pharma. We would like to thank all the participants for their interest and their contributions to make it a memorable MedViz Conference!  You may read more about the MedViz Conference in MedViz Newsletter No.6-2015.


Program Manager, MedViz, Haukeland University Hospital Prof. II at Dept. of Biology, University of Bergen, Norway

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