MedViz Seminar Friday 21.11.2014


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PLACE: MedViz Facilities., Møllendalsbakken 7, 5th floor
TIME : 12:00-13:00


Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge
Title: Radiation Therapy with Proton and Carbon Ions
Helge Pettersen
Title: Imaging the proton stopping power with proton Computed Tomography
Sara Margareta Cecilia Thörnqvist
Title: Radiobiology and imaging for use in particle therapy
Odd Harald Odland
Title: Planning for a particle therapy facility at Haukeland University Hospital



Radiation therapy with fast ions (particle therapy) is emerging as an important addition to conventional radiation therapy with photons. Ion beams offer dose distributions with improved concentration of the dose within the target volume, thus minimizing the dose in the surrounding normal tissues. Advances in medical imaging over the last decades have been essential for the current expansion of particle therapy as a treatment alternative to photon therapy.


Dose planning for proton therapy is based on Proton Stopping Power (PSP) maps of the patient, obtained from x-ray CT with inherent conversion uncertainties. A proton CT prototype is under early development at the Nuclear Physics group at IFT, UIB, making it possible to directly measure the SPR through the energy loss of a high energy proton beam passing through the patient. This can be used to increase accuracy in proton treatment.


Radiobiology, the influence and action of ionising radiation on biological systems, is dependent on biological properties e.g. tissue type, tumor microenvironment and physical properties e.g. type and energy of and radiation. Radioresistance due to hypoxia is currently a challenge to radiotherapy with low energy transfer (LET) radiation i.e. photons. Imaging of hypoxic regions for delivery of additional dose to these areas is therefore desirable. An alternative is to irradiate those tumors with high LET radiation where the oxygen effect is less pronounced. This has further contributed to the interest in carbon ions within the radiotherapy community.


The presentation will aim at giving a brief status per November 2014, both of the national planning work and for the regional planning of a particle therapy facility offering proton therapy at Haukeland University Hospital.

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